We’re Back!

Hey friends!

So, it’s been a bit since we’ve updated our site, instagram, facebook, life… you get it. We’ve missed you all!

Things that are new:

  • We have a booth!  Tucson Comic Con 2017 is coming up this November and we will be back! Last year was quite the adventure- We were so excited, scared, intimidated, motivated, you name it. Our first convention taught us a lot; the first being that there is a lot of talent out there. We’d been to so many Cons, and as visitors, we would see these tables and honestly, think they’re pretty cool and the next thought, “we can do that.” And by we, I mean Rodney. His talent can’t be taught, and I’m always enamored and impressed by him. Ok, enough of the mushy stuff. But honestly, there are SO.MANY.TALENTED.ARTISTS. With every passing person, our hopes would jump up to ‘omg they’re gonna buy something!” to “or not.” It’s really hard not to compare our table with the guy next to us that had been to 60 conventions in a year, or the guy next to us with the giant displays and shiny personality. We learned that it’s a lot of work, from churning out dozens of pieces to promoting and mostly being prepared that not everyone will want to buy your stuff. We do the same thing as everyone that walked by. We compliment, try not to make eye contact, make mental notes of what we liked and where they were, take a business card… and then finally buy something after we’ve done that to every aisle. So, no hard feelings, Tucson Comic-Con goers- we do the same thing! Our biggest wins were seeing our friends come out to support us- it meant so much! Some friends wouldn’t have gone to a Comic Con if we hadn’t been there and that alone was so rewarding- introducing the people we love to the things we love never gets old. Not only that, but we had some amazing strangers come by and buy things, compliment, and truly validate our presence there. So, we are ready for round two! We’re going to have some new pieces, an awesome new display, and this time— both of us will be at the booth all weekend! We really hope to see you all there, and right now through August 4th, don’t forget to take advantage of the Early Bird special– $30 for the ENTIRE weekend! It’s so worth it, do it!
  • Tee Public! Have you guys been on there? All kind of fun t-shirts and other things, and we now have a shop! We’ve been making some sales there of t-shirts, stickers, etc with some pretty great designs that we didn’t have up at Tucson Comic Con…yay new stuff! For now, this is our main place to purchase but we do have some great prints available for purchase at Comic Con… more to come on that in the upcoming months!
  • San Diego Comic Con! We’re going back! Every year we think it may be our last one, and then we get lucky AGAIN and get passes. I mean, I think it’s just a sign that we belong, right? This year, we’ll be using Instagram and Facebook live to show you all around! We were able to do some live feeds last year but service was weird— but good news! I just saw there will be more wifi spots up this year…crazy, right? A mass convention for nerds and internet access is limited? So, hoping this year we will be able to broadcast some more!

All right- I think that catches us up some! I’ll be blogging more often and Rodney will be working on some more pieces for Comic Con and our soon to be live store!  Got any requests?  Funny thoughts? Happy thoughts? Comment below!


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